The Establishment of

I.J.D.C. ( International Jewellery Designers Club )


The foundation of “International Jewellery Designers Club (IJDC)” is due to the performing of a high quality in the field of Jewellery Design.  The main purpose of this idea is also to help the overseas Jewellery Designers can be famous in Hong Kong as well as in Mainland.  For this reason, one of the important channels is putting their excellent products at the designated shop.  Each product has indicated Country of Origin and their Website as well as Individual Designer personal information such as Name, Photograph.


IJDC has already consisted of eighteen Designers from different countries such as Israel, Italy, Japan, Taipei, Switzerland, Philippines and Hong Kong, all having professional design experience. We believe IJDC will certainly help diversify design with high quality style jewellery products.


IJDC is one of the network in Hong Kong centralized all the overseas professional designers to exhibit their innovative and creative products to any customers who are interesting in foreigner’s design.

IJDC Member List:

Mr. Gioielleria Massimo Izzo (Country: Italy )

Mr. Boaz Kashi  (Country : Israel )

Ms. Chiho Shimizu  ( Country : Japan )

Miss Daphne Tseng  ( Country : Taiwan )

Mrs. Min-Tzu Ko Lui (柯劉敏子) ( Country : Taiwan )

MS. Helen Ho   ( Country : Hong Kong )

Mr. Masuhisa Fujita    (Country : Japan)

Mr. James Au (Country :China)

Ms. Gabrielle Boller Bruni    (Country : Switzerland)

Ms. Marielle Byworth   (Country : Switzerland)

Ms. Hilary Schwartz   (Country : Switzerland)

Ms. Kate Po  (Country : Hong Kong)

Ms. Cherrie Marie de Guzman - Jpapo (Country : Philippines)

Ms. Helen Chang (Country : Shanghai)

Ms. Yuzo Hikami . Yoko Suzuki (Country: Japan)

Mr. Stephen Wong (Country: Hong Kong)

Mr. Harry Chan (Country: Hong Kong)

Mr. Harry Chan

Country: Hong Kong

Mr. Yuzo Hikami

Country: Japan

Ms. Natalia Kravchenko

Country: Russia

Ms Daphne Tseng

Country : Taiwan

Mrs. Min-Tzu Ko Lui

Country : Taiwan

Ms. Chiho Shimizu

Country : Japan

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Mr. Stephen Wong

Country: Hong Kong

Ms. Marielle Byworth

Country : Switzerland

Ms. Gabrielle Boller Bruni

Country : Switzerland

Ms. Cherrie

Country: Philippine

Mr. Kate Po

Country: Hong Kong

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Mr. Massimo Izzo

Country: Italy

Ms. Hilary Schwartz

Country : Switzerland

Ms. Helen Chang

Country : China, Shanghai

Mr. Masuhisa Fujita

Country : Japan

Mr. Boaz Kashi

Country : Israel

Mr. James Au

Country : China

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