Jewelry Repair


For almost 2o years, we have been working on all issue on jewellery, included but not limited to Jewellery Design, manufacturing and "jewellery Reborn" services. Our extensive experience has helped us to tackle almost ALL ISSUES that may happen on a jewellery pieces.






Can my jewellery be repaired?

While we believe we can handle most karat gold, platinum (pt) and 925 silver jewellery, we often need to see the level of damage to decide whether it can be done. Still, a photo certainly greatly help us to judge.

Please send us photos via whatsapp  6210-2184 , we could see if it can be repaired in most cases.


What is the most common repair works?


Most common repair works are:

Resizing - to resize large or small.

Diamonds or stones loose or lost. 

Earring post broken.

Chain/ Necklace/ Bracelet broken repair, or length address.



What cannot be repaired?


If the jewellery is made of copper or unknown metal alloy, it may not be repairable.

Since in some repair service we need to burn with fire, some alloy cannot be burn.

Please send us photos via whatsapp  6210-2184 , we are happy to give you an answer right away ( but in business hours :D)


Can dropped diamonds be repaired?


We have a board range of diamonds in stock, from 0.005ct t0 0.30ct, so don't worry if your diamonds is dropped.

Even more, we have a full set of  gemstone like ruby, sapphire etc. in case you need to add or replace them.

Reference Price

" Why we cannot give a Final quote on chat or telephone?"

Usually gold and/or silver has to be added. 

Therefore a final quote is only possible when we see your item and know what procedure is needed.

Still, photos certain do some help Please send us photos via whatsapp  6210-2184 , we are happy to give you an estimation at our best.

ENG 維修價目表repair price list v3 _ 2020 ver

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